Your Porsche Winter Storage Checklist

If you have opted against getting winter tires for your Porsche and driving it year-round, it is necessary to take the precautions to safely store your Porsche for the winter. 

It is vital that you cover all of your bases when putting your Porsche in storage for the winter season.

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21 Point Porsche Winter Storage Checklist

Our expert technicians have developed the ultimate winter storage checklist for our winter weather, so you can ensure that your Porsche is resting well over the winter and will be ready to hit the streets with full vigor in the spring. When storing your Porsche for the winter, you will want to:

  1. Prep your garage - sweep the floor of your garage to make sure it is dust free. If moisture may be an issue coming up from the floor, place a thick layer of poly sheeting or a tarp on the floor. This will prevent rust from forming on the undercarriage.

  1. Wash it inside and out - have your car professionally detailed inside and out with plenty of coats of wax applied to paint before it is stored for extra protection to prevent corrosion to your paint.

  1. Clean your wheels down thoroughly - clean the wheels inside and out and make sure they are brake dust free. Porsche recommends rubbing a coat of petroleum jelly on the wheels to provide a layer of protection (remember to wash it off in the spring).

  1. Condition rubber/plastic items - use a conditioning compound on all rubber and plastic items on the exterior so they do not crack or crumble with the temperature and humidity changes.

  1. Change engine oil and filter - once changed, drive the car long enough for the engine oil to reach full operating temperature.

  1. Top off all fluids - especially antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. Run the car to ensure fluids are properly circulated through the engine block. Ensure you have the proper anti-freeze and winter blend washer fluid if you have an unheated garage.

  1. Ensure minimum coolant protection level - for water-cooled cars, make sure coolant is around 50% strength and protection down to minus 30°C to prevent damage to your radiators, engine block, cylinder head and water pump.

  1. Check tire pressure - to avoid flattened tires, overinflate the tires by approximately 8-10 psi. Do this when the tires are cold or you won't get an accurate reading. Don't worry about using jack stands or lifting the car.

  1. Fill up the tank - fill up your Porsche with premium gas to prevent condensation and reduce tank airspace.

  1. Place carpet pieces under tires (optional) - some Porsche owners place carpet pieces under tires in addition to adding more psi. Use two 2x2 carpet pieces (double layer).

  1. Use fuel additive/stabilizer - after filling up, drive a few kilometres to make sure you get the additive through the fuel system. SEAFOAM and STA-BIL are brands that other Porsche users have success with. This will protect the gas tank and gas lines.

  1. Rodent proof - close all air vents to keep critters out. Place bars of Irish Spring soap, mothballs, or mint leaves around the vehicle to repel mice and squirrels.

  1. Cover the exhaust pipe - use either a 16 oz keg cup or steel wool to further prevent rodents from making a nest in your Porsche's exhaust.

  1. Keep it dry - use desiccant silica gel packs (about 5 or 6) and place them in the vehicle so moisture will not build up. Products like DampRid are also effective in keeping moisture out.

  1. Release the parking brake - put the car in gear and use a wheel chalk or a piece of wood under the front and back of the tire instead to keep it in place. If not, your brake pads will stick to the rotors.

  1. Use a battery maintainer - connect the battery to a battery maintainer to charge your battery via your cigarette lighter, select the pulse maintaining mode which is made to charge the battery while storing your vehicle.

  1. Prop windshield wiper arms - use blocks of wood under the wiper arms so the wipers don't touch or they loosely touch the windshield. You can also use cardboard between the wipers and glass to keep the wiper edge in top form.

  1. Lower the windows very slightly - roll the windows down by about 10mm to keep pressure off of the seal to prolong its life. Doing this will also let airflow through the vehicle, also preventing condensation.

  1. Use baking soda - place a cookie sheet or container with baking soda on the passenger floor to keep the vehicle smelling Porsche fresh and not stale.

  1. Use a car cover - use a good quality car cover to keep your paint finish safe from dirt, dust, etc. Use an indoor cover for inside storage and an outside for outdoor. Use cardboard to further protect the vehicle if in an area where it could be bumped.

  2. Start it again only in spring - as tempting as it may be, do not start the vehicle until it is ready to come out of storage.